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X and XII Board Exam results are out for 2022

The XII Board Exam toppers are HARIPRIYA, R., LOSHINI, R., and GOKULESWARAN, D. and X toppers are YOKESH, D., DEVYESH, C., and VIGNESH, V.

MAITHRI MOBILE PROJECT FOR ONLINE CLASSES supported by Mr. Shankar Ram, Guindy1975Trust

Covid-19 has made life quite difficult for students, especially for those with limited/depleting resources. Classes went online demanding smartphones for uninterrupted attendance. Reacting to the need, Maithri has embarked on a project to provide smartphones for verified students that's ably supported by Mr. Shankar Ram of Guindy1975Trust. Deserving students got new mobile phones and a few got their balances on their EMI (equated monthly installment) of their purchase of mobile phone.

COVID-19 Protection and Prevention for People with Disabilities.

Country wide lockdown which places restriction on movement within the community (including bus/train travel) and lack of income prevents many from acquiring needed protective material including face masks, hand sanitizers and hand wash. Acquiring these materials is particularly important for people with disabilities as many are in direct physical contact with caregivers and support workers. In addition, COVID-19 rules surrounding restriction of movement within the community affects people with mobility issues even more, creating another barrier to obtaining these materials. Government programs provide basic needs including rice and grains, but not protective material.

Many of you have sponsored children, please realize that these children and their families are under increased risk. We appeal to you for help by way of donation of any amount towards this very urgent cause, preferably bank transfer as details given below. Thank you




SB A/C NO 10477448025



"The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker" - Helen Keller.

Inspired by these words, Maithri Educational & Charitable Trust has committed itself to working for the cause of children's education and the well being of the differently-abled. Maithri believes that practical work in these areas alone achieves changes for ordinary individuals and therefore believes in being actively present in the wide world, and soliciting support for its educational and health-related work.

Support Us

We encourage you to support individual children, particular groups of children or to extend monetary support for our extension activities to do with children, health and the differently abled.

Needless to say, amounts received as donations are exempted from Income Tax U/S 80G of the Income Tax Act - 1961, Vide Letter C No. DIT (E) No.2 ((90) 91-92 80G approval in perpetuity. NRI Donors can donate by money transfer in US dollars or any other Foreign Currency in favor of "Maithri Education and Charitable Trust". We are registered under Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act under Registration No. 075900819 under section 6 (1)(a) of FCR Act 1976.

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